Nitrous Oxide information

Nitrous Oxide, One gas many uses …

Wehter you are a chef, dentist or rocket engineer you may well find a use for N2O – nitrous oxide gas. This site will be a resource for information as well as ideas. It is also interesting that Nitrous is a greenhouse gas – perhaps the forgotten greenhouse gas – we are all aware of Carbon the whole world is busy discussing carbon dioxide emissions but very few people are showing much concern about the Oxides of Nitrogen and their potetially harmful contribution to the global picture. More about that later …. but for now a summary:

Culinary uses:

Nitrous oxide is slightly soluble in fats but insoluble in aqueous substances – thsi makes it great for whipping creams and mousses with their high fat content.


When fuels burn to release heat and power engines in cars, motorbikes or rockets what the fuel is actually doing is reacting with oxygen. The  ore oxygen readily available the quicker the energy can be released and the more energy is available to power the motor. N2O is a convenient, safe form of oxidizer that can easily be used in combustion motors.


Perhaps the best known use of N2O is as the confusingly titled “laughing Gas” – confusing because in the wrong doses with the wrong application is is no laughing matter at all but is in fact very dangerous.