Nitrous Power

How Power is produced from Nitrous Oxide


Nitrous oxide kits enables an engine to burn up a lot more fuel and by doing this an engine can generate a large amount of horsepower. The pressure in the cylinders is increased by using this added fuel and the result is that the pistons are pushed down with a far greater force.


Nitrous oxide separates into two components when a certain amount of heat is produced; these components being nitrogen and oxygen. This initiates combustion when nitrous is injected into an engine. When this separation is complete the oxygen becomes free to react with the extra fuel that is added.


To gain the full benefit from nitrous oxide the exact amounts have to be meticulously introduced to the precise amount of fuel.  Failure to comply with these exact amounts will mean that the extra supply of oxygen that will be provided by the nitrous oxide will have the incorrect level of fuel to react with and if this happens an engine can incur serious damage. This is why it is extremely important to precisely control the nitrous oxide and extra fuel when adding to an engine. When this is carried out properly an engine can produce an extraordinary surge of power and continue to run reliably and in a safe manner.